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Kaymat Integrated Solutions

Kaymat Integrated Solution’s goal is to deliver cutting-edge digital products that grow your business. Kaymat Integrated Solution is not interested in a one-size-fits-all approach. Kaymat takes pride in understanding your business goals, target audience, budget and timeframe to deliver customized solutions and real results.

About Kaymat

Kaymat Integrated Solution is an all in one solutions for web design, logo design, web development , marketing, consulting, research  and more. Contact us to learn more.

Web Design

Your website should be your best spokesperson, working for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Your audience is judging your business based on your website design and digital presence. A website design without intent and purpose can cost you a lot.

Graphic Design

You can’t know where to go without a clear understanding of where you are, who you’re competing against, and what opportunities you are missing. That’s why Kaymat puts strategy first to conduct digital consultation and brand strategy services.

Web Development

At some web agencies website development is a second thought, but not at Kaymat Integrated Solutions. Kaymat takes pride in building top-notch websites from front to back. We turn your ideas and vision into reality.

Social Media

Your business needs traffic and engagement of clients. In todays world social media is the stream that brings potential customers to your business. Kaymat Integrated Solution will make the process easy by integrating your website will all social media platforms of your desire.

Purpose & Intent

Kaymat Integrated Solutions is deliberately designed with two things in mind: your company goals and target audience. An appealing web design is pointless if it lacks the intent to convert potential viewers into leads.

Brand Identity

Your company’s brand identity is how you want your consumers to perceive your business. Components such as tone, typeface, color scheme, etc should reflect your company values and resonate with your target audience.

Satifaction and Smile

Kaymat Integrated Solution a branding, marketing and Designing agency to help you communicate through vision and imagination

Engaging Website Design

Your website should be your best spokesperson. Kaymat designs franchise websites and subsites specifically to increase conversion rates and improve brand continuity.

Creative Marketing Campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns deliver clear, consistent messaging across multiple platforms. Kaymat Integrated solutions specializes just at creating innovative campaigns that boost sales and customer loyalty.

Effective SEO Strategies

Take the guesswork out of Search Engine Optimization. Kaymat Integrated solution's customized SEO services will help improve search engine rankings and ensure your content is reaching your target audience.



  • Streamline your online onboarding process for new owners
  • Receive data about your target audience
  • Get social media and marketing advice
  • Get monthly reports with your rankings, site traffic, site link clicks, conversions and more
  • See which franchisees are excelling digitally and which need improvement
  • Streamlined consulting and support from a single firm


  • Participate in monthly group consultations
  • Get social media and marketing advice
  • Get monthly reports with your rankings, site traffic, site link clicks, conversions and more
  • Develop operational and strategic solutions to improve your digital presence
  • Streamlined consulting and support from a single firm